EPC Poll: How may Blockchain Technology Impact the European Payments L...

EPC Poll: How may Blockchain Technology Impact the European Payments Landscape by 2025?

17 May 16

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It is hard to miss the ongoing debate on the potential of blockchain in the payments industry. While some experts suggest blockchain technology might be the next big thing that will revolutionise payments, making them faster, safer, and cheaper to process, others argue that its potential is overestimated and that blockchain technology might have many relevant fields of application, of which payments are not part.

What about you? In your view, if we look into the future - 2025 - do you think blockchain technology will have no significant impact on the European payments landscape? On the contrary, do you believe it will affect the overall infrastructure underlying the payments mass market? Or do you think the impact of blockchain lies somewhere in the middle of these two propositions e.g. impacting some niches of the payments market like non- cross-border payments? We are curious to know what professionals working in the payments industry truly think when it comes to blockchain, and therefore invite you to give your opinion and answer to our poll (you can cast your vote on the left side of the page).

The results will be disclosed in July.

And if you feel confused about blockchain, discover our infographic explaining how it works, and read our article gathering the views of several experts on whether blockchain is a game-changer or a short-lived illusion.

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