EPC Public Consultation: EPC Publishes Second Edition of its 'White Pa...

EPC Public Consultation: EPC Publishes Second Edition of its 'White Paper on Mobile Payments' for Public Consultation. All Stakeholders are Encouraged to Provide Feedback by 23 March 2012.

24 October 13

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The European Payments Council ( ) published the second edition of its 'White Paper on Mobile Payments' (see related files below) which is now available for public consultation. The encourages all Single Euro Payments Area ( ) stakeholders to provide feedback by 23 March 2012. To share comments, please use the dedicated feedback questionnaire made available by the (see related files below).

The 's 'White Paper on Mobile Payments', which was first published in July 2010 presents an overview on mobile payments (m-payments) for . It focuses on the usage of the mobile channel for the initiation of payment instruments. The white paper also explores how m-payment services can be delivered through cooperation between service providers in the payment industry and players within the mobile ecosystem. It offers an informative read to any party interested in m-payments, and aims to foster a common understanding by using non-technical language. This second edition of the 's 'White Paper on Mobile Payments' describes mobile wallets at high level. In addition, the document has been updated to cover both contactless and remote m-payments. It analyses in particular use cases for mobile remote card and Credit Transfer payments.

M-payments are typically divided into two areas of activity: remote m-payments, where two parties are able to send and receive or exchange funds using the mobile channel, irrespective of where they are located; and contactless m-payments, where the mobile device needs to be 'waved' in close proximity to a point-of-sale terminal. The aims to support the advancement of both types of m-payments to ensure the development of a sustainable infrastructure.

For more information, please refer to the Newsletter article 'Public Consultation on 2nd Edition of the White Paper on Mobile Payments' (see links below).

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