EPC Publishes New Versions of the SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct...

EPC Publishes New Versions of the SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit Rulebooks. These Updated Versions Take Effect in November 2012.

24 October 13

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Scheme Rulebooks: next edition available

The European Payments Council ( ) published the Credit Transfer Rulebook version 6.0, the Core Direct Debit ( ) Rulebook version 6.0 and the Business to Business Direct Debit ( ) Rulebook version 4.0 and adjacent implementation guidelines on 17 November 2011. These updated versions of the rulebooks will take effect on 17 November 2012. Links to the new rulebook versions and adjacent implementation guidelines are included below.

scheme change management: the and Schemes evolve in line with market needs as identified through -wide public consultations

The evolution of the and Schemes is subject to an open and inclusive change management process. The encourages all stakeholders to engage in the annual scheme change management cycle. Changes to the schemes reflect feedback received from the entire stakeholder community (demand and supply sides) during annual public consultations. Links to the reports featuring the feedback received from market participants during the 2011 public consultation on the evolution of the payment schemes are included below.

rulebook release management: predictable and reliable

To ensure planning security for all market participants, publication of new rulebook versions follows a predictable release management cycle. In accordance with industry best practice, payment service providers and their suppliers have a one-year lead time to address rulebook updates prior to such updates taking effect. The releases updated versions of the rulebooks annually in November of each year. The updated versions of the rulebooks will then take effect in the third week of November of the following year to allow for alignment with SWIFT message releases. For more information on the ’s annual scheme change management and rulebook release cycle see the link below.

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