EPC Survey on Electronic Mandate Solutions in SEPA: All Interested Par...

EPC Survey on Electronic Mandate Solutions in SEPA: All Interested Parties Are Invited to Provide Feedback by 15 August 2013.

24 October 13

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The option to issue an electronic mandate (e-mandate) included in the Direct Debit ( ) Core Scheme and the Business to Business (B2B) Scheme provides an additional means of authorising direct debit collections. With a mandate the payer (debtor) authorises a biller (creditor) to collect payment by direct debit. At the same time the mandate authorises the payer’s bank (debtor bank) to debit the payer’s account when a direct debit collection is presented. The e-mandate feature is described in Annex VII of the and Rulebooks. The e-mandate solution included with the and Rulebooks is an optional service offered by payment service providers to their customers.

To ensure that the Schemes meet market needs at all times, the European Payments Council ( ) has launched a survey on electronic mandate solutions currently existing or under development in the Single Euro Payments Area ( ). The feedback received with this survey will allow the to assess whether there would be a need to adjust the existing e-mandate feature included in the Rulebooks.

The encourages any party which currently uses or provides an electronic mandate solution or will use or provide an electronic mandate solution in to participate in this survey. Respondents are invited to complete the questionnaire available with the ‘related files’ below and to email the completed questionnaire to: secretariat@epc-cep.eu by 15 August 2013.

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