The EPC Welcomes the Creation of the European Cards Stakeholders Group

The EPC Welcomes the Creation of the European Cards Stakeholders Group

13 September 16

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The , as one of the founding members of the European Cards Stakeholders Group (ECSG), is glad to announce the creation of this multi-stakeholder association dedicated to the promotion of card harmonisation in the Single Euro Payments Area ( ). Built on the foundations of the Cards Stakeholders Group (CSG), which was created by the in 2009 and has now reached maturity, the ECSG is taking over the CSG’s mission. The transformation of the CSG into the ECSG, with the formal legal status of an international not-for-profit association, reinforces the commitment from the five industry sectors which were already represented in the CSG:

  • the retailers/wholesale
  • the vendors (cards, payment devices, related IT systems)
  • the processors of card transactions
  • the card schemes
  • and payment service providers, represented by the

In total, the ECSG gathers 32 organisations, plus four observers, including the European Commission and the European Central Bank, which have supported the creation of this new association.

The main mission of the ECSG is to develop and maintain the Cards Standardisation Volume (the Volume), a key document for the card industry, defining guidelines for card standardisation, interoperability and security in Europe. In addition, the ECSG will promote conformance to the Volume, which is a self-regulatory initiative. More information about the Volume’s role can be found in this infographic.

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