Get involved in the EPC schemes’ evolution and join the stakeholders’ ...

Get involved in the EPC schemes’ evolution and join the stakeholders’ forums!

23 May 17

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The launches a call for candidates for its two stakeholders’ forums, the Scheme End-User Forum (SEUF) and the Scheme Technical Forum (ESTF). This is a unique opportunity to get involved in the future of European payments.

Role of the stakeholders’ forums

These two groups are consulted on the maintenance and evolution of the payment schemes. They can address issues and make recommendations to the to further enhance the schemes in order to address customers’ and technical players’ needs.

To give an example of how these forums are involved in the schemes, throughout 2016 they contributed to the development of the Instant Credit Transfer scheme and the revision of the Credit Transfer and Direct Debit rulebooks.

These forums were created in September 2015, in line with the ’s wish to further the dialogue with stakeholder organisations that are not represented among its members.

Who can be part of the stakeholders’ forums?

Representatives of European associations of end-users of the schemes, such as consumers, (e-)merchants and corporate treasurers currently form the SEUF. ESTF is made up of the representatives of technical players who provide services facilitating the processing of transactions under the schemes. Current members of this forum are Clearing and Settlement Mechanism organisations, technical solution providers and payment messaging services companies.

More information about the criteria for membership is available in the documents on this page.

There are vacancies in the SEUF for a maximum of 20 seats, and of 25 seats for the ESTF.

How to apply for membership to the stakeholders’ forums?

If you meet the criteria for membership, you are invited to submit your application letter and CV to:

The deadline to apply is 30 June 2017.

The new SEUF and ESTF will take up their mandate in September 2017, and hold it until September 2019. They meet physically or by telephone conference at least twice a year on an as-needed basis.

Further information about the role of the SEUF and ESTF is available in the SEPA Scheme Management Internal Rules, chapter 4.4.

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