How does the SPL scheme work?

How does the SPL scheme work?

11 February 19

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The Proxy Lookup ( ) scheme, managed by the European Payments Council, covers the exchange of the data necessary to initiate payments between proxy-based payment solutions on a pan-European level and aims to facilitate interoperability between participating payment solutions.

The scheme is limited to a look-up function with the sole purpose of initiating a payment. The actual payment is however not part of the scheme and is covered by an ‘overseen’ payment scheme within the geographic area.

Based on the scheme, the service is being launched beginning of this year by equensWorldline and is ready to be used.

Initially, the focus will be on (mobile) payments whereby the mobile telephone number is used as a proxy to an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). It is envisaged that the scheme will evolve over time to support additional proxy types, account identifiers and use cases. Learn more about how the scheme works in a newly updated infographic:

How the SEPA Proxy Lookup (SPL) Scheme works in practice to facilitate (mobile) P2P payments?

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