The Latest Edition of the EPC Newsletter is Now Online!

The Latest Edition of the EPC Newsletter is Now Online!

26 October 15

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The October 2015 edition of the European Payments Council ( ) newsletter is now available. This free quarterly publication examines regulation and market trends shaping the future of payments in Europe and beyond.

Instant payments is one of the topics much developed in this issue. Javier Santamaría, Chair of the , outlines in his article the progress of the in relation to the various recommendations recently made by the Euro Retail Payments Board, including on an instant payment scheme.

Contributions from the European Automated Clearing House Association, and the International Payments Framework Association, also highlight current industry developments regarding instant payment offering and initiatives.

In addition, the newsletter includes analysis on the impact of the Interchange Fee Regulation, from the perspective of a card scheme (Visa Europe), a banker (Barclays), and a processor (Worldline).

It also examines the impact of competition law enforcement on the European payments industry, with a contribution from the law firm Covington.

And, last but not least an article discusses the various meetings and consultations concerning the existing schemes that are currently in progress and their potential impact.

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