Latest News Regarding Stakeholders’ Involvement

Latest News Regarding Stakeholders’ Involvement

26 April 16

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The publishes the agenda and minutes of the latest meetings of its two stakeholder groups, i.e. the Scheme End-User Forum (SEUF), gathering representatives of the demand side of the payment market, and the Scheme Technical Forum (ESTF), made up of representatives of technical players.

These groups were set up in 2015 and met for the second time in March 2016. Their goal is to express recommendations and provide feedback on the maintenance and evolution of the scheme rulebooks, from an end-user and technical player point of view.

Among the various subjects addressed during the meetings, two were particularly topical:

  • In the perspective of the current public consultation on the SEPA Credit Transfer, and SEPA Direct Debit Core and Business-to-Business scheme rulebooks, the change requests requiring the stakeholders’ attention were outlined, and feedback was expressed. 
  • The main characteristics of the proposed SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) scheme were introduced to the stakeholders’ representatives. The public consultation of this scheme is also currently running. An updated rulebook will be published in November 2016 and take effect one year later, therefore enabling pan-European euro instant credit transfers for the first time. 

If you wish to learn more about the topics discussed, the agenda and minutes of the SEUF second meeting are available on the website, as well as the agenda and minutes of the ESTF.

A few seats are still available in both groups. Any interested stakeholder can find out more, on the website, on the membership criteria to join the SEUF and ESTF. The next SEUF and ESTF meetings, in August, will notably discuss the outcome of the public consultations on the schemes, including the scheme. A great opportunity for all members of these two groups to help shape the future of payments in Europe!

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