Minutes of the Latest Meetings of the EPC Stakeholders Fora

Minutes of the Latest Meetings of the EPC Stakeholders Fora

13 October 16

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In line with its commitment to stakeholders’ involvement and transparency, the publishes the agenda and minutes of the third meeting of its two stakeholders’ Fora, i.e. the Scheme End-User Forum (SEUF), and the Scheme Technical Forum (ESTF), which took place in late August 2016. Both established a year ago, the former body gathers representatives of the demand side of the payment market, and the latter representatives of technical players.

Their goal is to express recommendations and provide feedback on the maintenance and evolution of the scheme rulebooks, from an end-user and technical player point of view.

The latest SEUF and ESTF meetings had a busy agenda, as the members were invited to prepare a position on the change requests submitted during the public consultation recently organised by the for the Credit Transfer ( ) and Direct Debit ( ) schemes. In addition, they were informed and given the opportunity to comment on the outcome of the public consultation on the forthcoming Instant Credit Transfer ( ) scheme.

The minutes of the meetings therefore provide valuable information about the change requests submitted during the public consultations, and about the input of end-user and technical stakeholders.

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