Minutes of the Third Meeting of the Mobile Proxy Forum Steering Commit...

Minutes of the Third Meeting of the Mobile Proxy Forum Steering Committee

25 October 16

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The acts as facilitator in the context of interoperable pan-European Person-to-Person (P2P) mobile payments, and therefore provides secretariat support to the Mobile Proxy Forum, created earlier in 2016.

The minutes of the third meeting of the Steering Committee of the Mobile Proxy Forum (which took place in June 2016) are now publicly available.

During this meeting, the participants decided, among other things, that the focus of the Mobile Proxy Forum will initially be put on the identification of a solution for interoperable mobile payments based on the “proxy + IBAN” scenario, in line with the Euro Retail Payments Board recommendations. The Steering Committee will however have regard to future support for additional proxy types and account identifiers. They also agreed on two main milestones for their work: first, the preparation by November 2016 of a set of first draft rules for operating, joining and participating in the Standardised Proxy Lookup ( ) service, and second, to work towards the launch of the service in November 2017.

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