The Mobile Proxy Forum issues a Request for Information for pan-Europe...

The Mobile Proxy Forum issues a Request for Information for pan-European P2P mobile payments

Stakeholders interested in providing a Standardised Proxy Lookup service can participate in the RFI until 31 August

17 July 17

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The Mobile Proxy Forum (), a cross-industry working group of which the mission is to enable pan-European, interoperable person-to-person () mobile payments, launches a Request for Information (RFI) for a Standardised Proxy Lookup (SPL) service today.

Creating pan-European P2P payments

Day-to-day P2P payment situations (such as paying back half of a restaurant bill to a friend) are becoming increasingly frequent and as a result, the Euro Retail Payments Board (*) has confirmed P2P mobile payments as a topic of growing interest. The MPF was therefore created in March 2016. It defined rules for operating, joining and participating in the SPL service.

Such a service could be used to securely exchange P2P payment-related data on a pan-European level. Initially, the focus will be on the linking of a mobile telephone number (proxy) to an IBAN.

The is open until 31 August

The purpose of the RFI is for the MPF to gather information about technical solutions that could deliver the pan-European SPL service. The RFI does not constitute at this stage a formal invitation to contract. It may be followed by a Request for Proposal (RPF) later in 2017.

All interested technology service providers can read in further details the guidance of the MPF and process to participate in the RFI.

Interested parties can submit any questions about the RFI. Where possible, the questions – and answers – will be published on the Request for Information page.

The deadline to submit a participation to the RFI is 31 August 2017.

* The ERPB is a high-level body chaired by the European Central Bank, bringing together the supply and demand sides of the industry to address strategic retail payments issues.

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