Mobile Proxy Forum: latest news

Mobile Proxy Forum: latest news

05 April 17

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The minutes of the sixth and seventh meetings of the Mobile Proxy Forum’s ( ) Steering Committee are now available.

Created in January 2016 on the recommendation of the Euro Retail Payments Board, the brings together representatives of companies operating in the Person-to-Person ( ) mobile payment area. The European Payments Council provides secretarial support.

Among other things, the highlights of the January and February 2017 meetings are:

  • The approval of the mandates of the Technical Working Group (TWG), Legal Working Group (LWG) and Market Implementation Working Group (MIWG). A call for candidates was organised for the LWG and MIWG. The TWG already met once.
  • The European Commission presented to the Mobile Proxy Forum members ‘eDelivery’, one of the Connecting Europe Facility Digital programmes. eDelivery allows to securely exchange data and documents. Further information about this programme is available on the European commission website.
  • The Steering Committee continued its review of the draft rules for operating, joining and participating in the Standardised Proxy Lookup ( ) service. The TWG was invited to review the draft rules and also to assess the feasibility of the eDelivery solution versus the service as currently designed.

The rules were finalised and approved at the March meeting of the Steering Committee. They are already available. The rules will enable the rapid exchange of data across Europe in payments and increase the scope of services that payment service providers can provide to their customers. Their adoption is a major step towards full interoperability and harmonisation.

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