Public consultation: draft Mobile Initiated SEPA Credit Transfer Inter...

Public consultation: draft Mobile Initiated SEPA Credit Transfer Interoperability Implementation Guidelines (including SCT Inst)

23 May 19

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Developed by the ad-hoc multi-stakeholder group (MSG) on Mobile Initiated Credit Transfers (MSCT), including Instant Credit transfers ( Inst) (MSG MSCT), the draft MSCT Interoperability Implementation Guidelines (IIGs) (including Inst) are now published for a 3-month public consultation. 

MSG MSCT IIGs mainly aims:

  • through the description of various MSCT use cases to provide an insight into the main issues related to the initiation of Inst transfers in different payment contexts such as person-to-person, consumer-to-business (retail payments including both in-store and m-commerce payments) and business-to-business payments;
  • next to the MSCT transaction aspects such as payer identification/authentication, transaction authentication, risk management and payer/beneficiary acknowledgements and notification messages, to focus on the technology and security used in the Customer-to- Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSP) space, since the Inst and transaction as such have already been specified in the respective rulebooks.
  • To specify various security guidelines for MSCTs (e.g. MSCT app, CDUVM, etc.). 
  • To identify the main interoperability issues and barriers detected for MSCTs for a pan-European reach.

By developing these interoperability implementation guidelines, the multi-stakeholder group aims to contribute to a competitive MSCT market, by providing the different stakeholders with an insight into the different service, technical and security aspects involved. The document could serve as a reference basis for making certain implementation choices.

Read more about the MSG MSCT (Including Inst IIGs) in ‘Related Documents’. 

How to participate in the public consultation?

The multi-stakeholder group that was involved in the development of this document looks forward to receiving feedback and comments from the various communities and stakeholders on the document MSG MSCT 026-18v0.9 through the feedback questionnaire (see ‘Related Documents’) to be sent by e-mail by 24 August 2019.

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