Public consultation: Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment – draf...

Public consultation: Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment – draft documents for submission to ISO 20022 of new servicing messages

28 June 19

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In 2019, the Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment Multi-Stakeholder Group (EIPP MSG) has been working on developing technical standards for the servicing messages based on the design delivered in 2018 and seeks to submit the ISO 20022 Registration Authority request to ISO 20022 by October 2019. This request is presented in the form of the two documents that are proposed for a two-month public consultation (see ‘Related Documents’):

The identified EIPP new servicing messages, detailed in these documents are:

•    Enrolment message, initiated by a Payee/Creditor via its EIPP providers to distribute in the EIPP eco-system the information about the enrolment (registration) of this Payee/Creditor

•    Activation message, initiated by a Payer/Debtor to a Payee/Creditor to establish an EIPP link between these parties allowing the Creditor to send Requests-to-pay and E-invoices to the Debtor

In addition, the EIPP MSG wishes to ask stakeholders their opinion on a possible extension of the current EIPP model to a model allowing also the enrolment of Payers from the Business-to-Business (B2B) market segment and the activation at the initiative of the Payee/Creditor.

How to participate:

All stakeholders and various communities are welcome to contribute to this consultation and let EIPP MSG know if they share these business needs and support the related extension. Respondents are invited to complete the feedback questionnaire available with the ‘Related Documents’ and to send it by e-mail at [email protected] by 23 August 2019.

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