Public consultation on “Technical Interoperability for MSCTs based on ...

Public consultation on “Technical Interoperability for MSCTs based on payee-presented data”

16 December 19

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After the publication of the “Mobile Initiated (Instant) Credit Transfer Interoperability Guidance” (MSCT IG) document, the ad-hoc multi-stakeholder group on MSCTs, through a dedicated work-stream, published today a new document named ”Technical Interoperability for MSCTs based on payee-presented data”, for public consultation.

This new document focuses on the functions to be supported by MSCT service provider back-ends for interconnectivity as well as on the minimum data set to be exchanged between payee and payer to enable the initiation of an MSCT.  The document should be read in parallel with the MSCT IG (Read more in ‘Related Documents’).

About the public consultation

In order to help developing a successful MSCT ecosystem that provides value for all, the multi-stakeholder group that was involved in the development of this document looks forward to receiving feedback and comments from the various communities and stakeholders, using the dedicated questionnaire in ‘Related Documents’.

How to participate: 

Feedback should be sent to [email protected] by 14 February 2020. The document could serve as a reference basis for making certain implementation choices.

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