Publication of the EPC Recommendations on the Validity of Electronic M...

Publication of the EPC Recommendations on the Validity of Electronic Mandates in a Cross-Border Context

23 May 16

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Handling and accepting efficiently electronic mandates at national and cross-border levels is essential to the further development of the Direct Debit (SDD) Core and Business to Business (B2B) Schemes. In order to provide clarification for debtor Payment Service Providers () regarding the methods of electronic signatures which – notably in a cross-border context – could give assurance to the debtor that the mandate can be considered as having been authorised by the debtor with a legally binding method of signature, the has produced some recommendations.
The today publishes ‘Recommendations on the Validity of Electronic Mandates in a Cross-Border Context’. The purpose of this document is to draw the attention of SDD scheme participants on guidelines on the security of internet payments from the European Banking Authority (EBA).
These guidelines constitute minimum requirements for regarding the security of internet payments and also cover the issuance and amendment of direct debit electronic mandates. Procedures for strong customer authentication is one of the key requirements that SDD scheme participants are expected to have in place, in line with the definition provided in the guidelines. This requirement has particular importance in the case of cross-border SDD collections.
The document further recommends the SDD scheme participants to analyse the guidance notes and / or frequently asked questions from their relevant national competent authority with respect to these guidelines. In the event of doubt about the validity of certain types of electronic mandates, the SDD scheme participants should address their question to their competent national authority.

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