Publication of updated 2017 rulebooks for all SEPA payment schemes, wi...

Publication of updated 2017 rulebooks for all SEPA payment schemes, with no operational impact

18 October 17

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Today the publishes updated rulebook versions for all its payment schemes: the Credit Transfer ( ), Instant Credit Transfer ( ), Direct Debit Core ( ) and Direct Debit Business-to-Business ( ) schemes.

All updated 2017 rulebooks enter into force on the same date as their previous 2017 version

These updated versions all replace the previous 2017 versions of all rulebooks, that were to take effect on 19 November (for the , and rulebooks) or 21 November 2017 (for the rulebook).

This update of rulebook versions has no operational impact. Small changes were made in each rulebook in order they reflect regulatory changes stemming from the guide for the assessment of the payment schemes against the oversight standards of the Eurosystem.

More information about the regulatory changes responsible for the creation of updated 2017 rulebook versions

The changes implemented in the updated 2017 rulebooks however impact the rights and obligations of scheme participants and the Scheme Management Internal Rules (SMIRs).

Each scheme participant is obliged to comply with ‘generic supervisory requirements’ applicable to them, in addition to the existing obligation to comply with applicable rules and regulations. The term ‘generic’ is to be understood as referring to supervisory requirements that apply to all payment service providers ( ) concerned and not to those requirements that are addressed by supervisory authorities to one specific only as such individually relevant supervisory requirements would not be public. Consequently, the compliance with the latter could not be enforced by the .

Download the updated 2017 rulebook versions

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