Results of the EPC poll on electronic identification (eID)

Results of the EPC poll on electronic identification (eID)

18 July 19

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The financial sector has seen a rapid increase in adoption of electronic identification (eID), therefore, the invited professionals working in the payments industry to share their views on the future of eID by participating in the poll.

The question asked over the last two months to all interested stakeholders was the following: “when do you believe that electronic identification (eID) will play a critical role in customer identification and authentication for payments in Europe?

The results were as follows:

Already now (32%)
Within 2 years (28%)
Within 2-5 years (24%)
Within 5-10 years (6%)
Beyond 10 years (5%)
Never (5%)

Half of the voters agreed that eID is either already playing a critical role in payments in Europe now or will happen within 2 years, and some 24% within 2-5 years. So almost 75% of the participants in the poll saw eID as a major component of European payments no later than within 5 years.



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