Results of our first poll on the best use-cases of the SEPA Instant Cr...

Results of our first poll on the best use-cases of the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer scheme: consumer-to-business payment situations win the majority of votes!

26 July 17

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We recently ran on our website a poll on the forthcoming Instant Credit Transfer ( ) scheme.

We asked the following question: “In your opinion, for which situation would the scheme be the most useful?”.

Results of the EPC poll on SCT Inst

The results are clear: nearly half of the voters (48 percent) think that consumer-to-business payments will benefit the most from . The new scheme is deemed to be a relevant payment solution in particular for small businesses who require to be paid on the spot (e.g. moving company or antique dealer).

35 percent of the voters believe on the contrary that will be mostly useful for person-to-person payments.

Only 14 percent of those who cast their vote see as a relevant instrument for transactions between corporates. This low share of votes can be explained by the scheme’s current transaction limit — 15,000 euros — which might not sound attractive for corporates. This parameter will however be regularly reviewed starting in November 2018, after the scheme’s first anniversary.

A mere 1 percent of voters believe government-related payments to be the most useful situation for .

Finally, 2 percent chose the ‘other’ answer.

What do you think of these results? Are they in line with the way you imagine will be used, or are you surprised by the significant share of votes for consumer-to-business payments? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

In the coming months, we will seek your opinion on other aspects of . So keep an eye out for our future polls!

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