Revised “Recirculation Paper”: improving the efficiency of the handlin...

Revised “Recirculation Paper”: improving the efficiency of the handling of cash

29 October 19

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The first “Recirculation Paper” was issued by the ’s Cash Efficiency Working Group (CEWG) last year in June. Today, the publishes its revised version.  

The “Recirculation Paper” aims to foster the best and most efficient ways to handle cash in the first levels of the cash circulation cycle, i.e. consumers, retailers and Payment Service Providers ( ), before currency reaches the level of cash centres and, ultimately, national central banks.

The objective of the paper is to delineate the position of the with respect to the recirculation of notably euro banknotes, in order to promote this position within national banking communities and other relevant stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of increasing cash efficiency by means of recirculation.

The recently published “Recirculation Paper” includes the rise of cash-in-shop solutions (as an alternative to “cashback”) as well as certain recent developments at the national level. Also, the paper has been updated in line with the 2018 European Central Bank (ECB) payment statistics.

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