SCT Inst scheme: publication of the EPC position on all comments recei...

SCT Inst scheme: publication of the EPC position on all comments received during the public consultation

08 February 17

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Before the released the first rulebook version of the Instant Credit Transfer ( ) scheme, which will be operational in November, a public consultation was organised earlier in 2016. Over 350 comments were received, from organisations representing the entire payment value chain (Payment Service Providers, Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms, representatives of end-users, other technical players…) across Europe.

The today publishes all the comments received, as well as its position on each of them. This document therefore provides clarifications to all stakeholders who have participated in the public consultation (and more generally speaking, to any stakeholder interested in the creation of this new scheme), regarding the reason why their comments are included or not in the first version of the scheme rulebook.

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