Technical interoperability of MSCTs based on payer-presented data

Technical interoperability of MSCTs based on payer-presented data

08 December 20

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Following the publication of the “Mobile Initiated (Instant) Credit Transfer Interoperability Guidance” (MSCT IG) document in November 2019, the ad-hoc multi-stakeholder group on MSCTs (MSG MSCT) has conducted a more detailed analysis on the technical interoperability of MSCTs based on payer-presented data.

During the past months, the MSG MSCT analysed the various comments received on a draft through the eight-week public consultation launched end-May 2020 and prepared an updated version of the document reflecting as appropriate the changes requested.

This new document, which should be read in conjunction with the MSCT IG, focuses on the interconnectivity and related functionality needed amongst MSCT service providers to enable interoperability of MSCTs across the Single Euro Payments Area ( ).  More in particular, the process flow has been analysed for MSCTs based on consumer-presented data containing a token for a consumer-to-business (C2B) payment. 

The document also defines the minimum data set to be exchanged between the payer and the payee and in the payment request messages to enable the initiation of such an MSCT by the payer. It further derives from this set a standard QR-code format. The document also describes in an annex new illustrative MSCT use cases for the C2B payment context based on consumer-presented data, in addition to those already included in the MSCT IG.

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