Technical Validation Subsets (TVS) - Next versions for use in 2009 now...

Technical Validation Subsets (TVS) - Next versions for use in 2009 now available

24 October 13

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The are two sets of TvSs now available for use.

The first set, available since February 2007, supports Version 2.2 of the Rulebooks and Implementation Guidelines.

The second set, available since 21 October 2008, supports Version 3.2 of the Credit Transfer Rulebook, Version 3.1 of the Core Direct Debit Rulebook and Version 1.1 of the B2B Direct Debit Rulebook and the associated Implementation Guidelines.

This second set is now being made available to provide help in preparing for the February 2009 release of the Credit Transfer Scheme and the planned November 2009 launch of the Direct Debit Scheme.

For more information on the use of the TVSs, click on the link below.

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