What Should Non-PSP Users Do if They Have a Complaint about the SEPA S...

What Should Non-PSP Users Do if They Have a Complaint about the SEPA Schemes?

10 October 16

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The has just published on its website the explanation of the process that non-Payment Service Provider ( ) users of the schemes should follow in case they have a complaint about the schemes. Such users can be for example individuals, corporates, small and medium-size enterprises…

In brief:

  • They should first address their complaint to their , if it relates to the service offered by the .
  • Then, if need be, they should contact the body in their country competent to handle this kind of complaint.
  • If the complaint is of scheme-wide importance, it may however be submitted to the , which will review the complaint and assess what action may be needed.

More details about what a non- scheme user should do in case of a complaint are available here.

In addition, the change management process of the schemes is open to all kinds of stakeholders, including non- . The encourages such users to submit their change requests to amend the scheme rulebooks, if they believe they could be enhanced.

It should be noted that for complaints from a different process is foreseen under the Scheme Management Internal Rules for scheme participants.

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