About us

We help make it possible for citizens and businesses to pay with the same ease and convenience across the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) as in their home country.

We manage the payment schemes, which are the rules underlying most of the euro credit transfers and direct debits in Europe.

Harmonising payments in SEPA

Harmonising payments in

We represent payment service providers ( ) on all European payment issues and strive to harmonise payments in to benefit European competitiveness and innovation.

Introducing the EPC

Introducing the

We are an international not-for-profit organisation offering one focal point and voice for European . In constant dialogue with stakeholders and regulators at European level, we support and promote the integration and development of European payments. This mission translates into our four payment schemes – used by thousands of in Europe – which facilitate over 46 billion transactions each year.

Presentation of the EPC

The EPC and the SEPA process

The and the process

is a European Union ( ) integration initiative pursued by the institutions. The is not an institution; it was created by the banking industry in 2002 in response to the institutions’ call to develop harmonised electronic euro payment instruments. The introduction of euro coins and banknotes was just the first step in the integration of payments in Europe.

The role of the EPC in the SEPA project

EPC members


The has 77 members ( or associations of ). Membership of the enables them to contribute to shaping the future of payments in Europe.

Why and how to become an EPC member

Our organisation

Our organisation

Hundreds of representatives of our members and other payment stakeholders are involved in the development of the payment schemes and the further harmonisation of other payment areas, through various working groups and task forces. Our Brussels-based staff facilitate their work under the guidance of the governance bodies.

How the EPC is organised