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EPC payment scheme participation fees

Payment service providers (PSPs) have to pay an annual scheme participation fee to use the EPC payment schemes.

2017 scheme participation fees 01

The  payment scheme participation fee is calculated for each by taking into account the number of payment schemes to which it adheres. The fees paid by may evolve every year because they depend on the number of payment schemes, the number of scheme participants and the costs borne by the in relation to the management of the payment schemes.

can be invoiced either individually or at a group level when they are part of a declared ‘group’ of as defined in the Regulation ( ) No 648/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 July 2012 on over-the-counter derivatives, central counterparties and trade repositories1. In the latter situation, the fees are due from the parent undertaking (which has a dominant influence on one or more ) or the central control body of the group (to which scheme participants are affiliated and by which they are supervised). Interested groups are invited to use the standard template to declare their composition to the by providing a list of all member scheme participants.


For those payment scheme participants located in a country outside the and within the geographical scope of the payment schemes the definition of “group” will need to fulfil substantially equivalent requirements as those referred to in the .

2023 fee table

The same flat unit fee is applied for each of the four payment schemes.

Individual scheme participant – not part of a declared group:




scheme scheme scheme All four schemes
EUR 222 EUR 222 EUR 222 EUR 222 EUR 888

Declared group:

Number of participants per group

Group fee


EUR 1.776


EUR 4.440


EUR 7.104


EUR 13.320


EUR 17.760


EUR 26.638


EUR 35.518

Above 1,000

EUR 44.398


Local Value Added Tax ( ) may in some cases be due on the above amounts.

Individual scheme participants who have not reported a local number to the will be charged with the applicable Belgian rate. 


Scheme participants that belong to a grouping, can submit a grouping declaration. For the grouping’s fee calculation, the assumes that all schemes are adhered to; therefore, in some cases, it may lead to the situation where a grouping declaration is a costlier option than if all members of the grouping are invoiced separately. Therefore, the advises groupings to verify the published fee schedule and determine the most suitable billing option in their case. 

How is the EPC payment scheme participation fee paid?

Each scheme participant (or the parent undertaking in the case of a group of scheme participants) receives its yearly fee invoice from the during the first quarter of the year. The invoice must be paid by an electronic payment instrument. Direct debit ( ) is preferred as it automates the payment and avoids the suspension of scheme participants from the EPC Register of Participants, in the event that they miss the payment deadline.

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