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Register of Participants

The Register of Participants lists all payment service providers and other eligible institutions who adhere to the EPC payment and payment related schemes.

Register of Participants

This is also a key tool for any and Clearing and Settlement Mechanism (CSM) that needs to know which organisations are able to send and receive credit transfers and direct debits and One-Leg Out instant credit transfers.

Register of participants for download

There is a Register of Participants for each European Payments Council scheme (the Credit Transfer, the Instant Credit Transfer, the Direct Debit Core, the Direct Debit Business-to-Business, the Request-to-pay and the One-Leg Out Instant Credit Transfer schemes). A separate register is kept for those scheme participants that have adhered to the Extended Remittance Information option.

Only legal entities within that have adhered to the schemes are included in the Register of Participants. Branches are not included, unless they are branches of a Payment Service Provider incorporated in a country that is outside the geographical scope of the schemes.

Schedule of updates to the Register

Scheme participants and as well as other technical infrastructures seeking to ensure their systems have up-to-date statuses for all participating (as well as non- for the scheme) can find the planned updates of the Register of Participants below. The schedule also includes the deadlines for applicant scheme participants to submit their adherence packs for a given Register update publication.

Download here the calendar of 2024.

In accordance with industry practice, the operational start date is the first Monday after the first full weekend of the month.

Publication cycle

Adherence receipt deadline by

Register , and publication

Operational Readiness Date

1 23 December 2022 13 January 2023 6 February 2023
2 20 January 2023 10 February 2023 6 March 2023
3 17 February 2023 10 March 2023 3 April 2023
4 17 March 2023 7 April 2023 2 May 2023
5 21 April 2023 12 May 2023 5 June 2023
6 19 May 2023 9 June 2023 3 July 2023
7 21 July 2023 11 August 2023 4 September 2023
8 18 August 2023 8 September 2023 2 October 2023
9 22 September 2023 13 October 2023 6 November 2023
10 20 October 2023 10 November 2023 4 December 2023


Overview of EPC scheme participants by country

For those interested in knowing the numbers of Payments Service Providers ( ) who adhered to the Credit Transfer ( ), Instant Credit Transfer ( ), Direct Debit ( ) Core, Direct Debit Business-to-Business ( ), Request-to-Pay ( and One-Leg Out Instant Credit Transfer ( schemes per country you can find the latest data in the document below.

scheme participants may need to know the total number of scheme participants in order to be able to assess the percentage of scheme participants affected in the circumstances of a so-called major incident.

Overview EPC Scheme Participants Status

The EPC Register of Participants contains only reference BICs, which should not be used as routing BICs

The Business Identifier Codes (BICs) that are listed in the Register of Participants are reference BICs only (used to unambiguously identify the scheme participants adhering to the relevant scheme), and must not be relied upon as valid routing BICs. Any organisation using these BICs for routing rather than reference purposes may face difficulties when initiating or processing transactions under the schemes.

When a scheme participant chooses a CSM, it provides its routing BICs (including those of its branches) to this organisation.

compliant with the schemes use the Register of Participants to check which are reachable in the context of scheme transactions.

The EPC Register of Participants related to the EPC SEPA Request to Pay Scheme contains only reference Identifiers

The Identifiers that are listed in the Register of Participants are reference Identifiers which might or not be used as valid routing data.