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Our organisation

As a membership association, the EPC relies on the active contributions of its members with expertise in different aspects of payments.

Our organisation

Without the involvement and technical knowledge of our members it would be impossible to develop and maintain the payment schemes that facilitate over 46 billion transactions each year or to formulate propositions to further harmonise payments.

About 400 payment professionals from across Europe who make up our 77 members and other stakeholders are the true mainspring of the work delivered by the . The 12-person Secretariat team orchestrates and supports their work, which is then approved by the governance bodies.

The EPC Board

Board members are representatives of members (except for the Chair, who may or may not be a representative of a member). Currently formed of 30 members, the Board acts as a collegial body involved in all the ’s major activities.
Composition of the EPC Board

Javier Santamaría

Chair of the European Payments Council

Javier Santamaría is the Chair of the since June 2012, and has been one of its members since its creation in 2002. During decades as a bank employee, Mr Santamaría accumulated a broad and balanced expertise in the intertwined dimensions of payments – business-related, operational, technical, regulatory – across different client segments and product lines, in the legacy and the innovative spheres, which he now further develops as an independent professional. He has been immersed in both cooperative and competitive environments. Besides payments, he is interested in other banking fields and continues to be actively engaged in academic matters. Mr Santamaría is also Chair of the Iberpay Board, member of the Board of Directors at the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (Basel-Frankfurt) and member of the Supervisory Board of Western Union International Bank (Vienna). Former Head of Operations and Business Services, he was Senior Vice President at Banco Santander until December 2016. He was a member of the Board of the Euro Banking Association ( , Paris-Brussels) and of the Board of Directors at the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication cooperative (SWIFT, Brussels) until the end of 2016. 


Rita Camporeale

Vice Chair of the European Payments Council

Graduated in Political Science, she worked at the Italian National Central Bank (Banca d’Italia) and then at the European Central Bank from its creation in 1998 until 2002, with the responsibility of coordinating the Oversight Unit within the Payment Systems Policy Division. Her main responsibilities covered wholesale and retail systems, payment instruments, multi-currency foreign exchange settlement systems. In the areas of responsibility, she represented the ECB at meetings of the and G-10 central banks, in the contacts with banking supervisors, the Commission and national authorities as well as in the ECB’s market contact groups. Back in Italy, she joined the Italian Banking Association, where she works as Head of Payment Systems. Over the years she was Project Manager of ABI’s PSD, and projects – coordinating and supporting Italian banks in their activities to ensure compliance with the PSD/ , as well as migration to
She represents Italian banks in various fora at national and European levels, and in particular in various EBF groups, working groups and -related ones.
From January 2021, she is Chair of the Payment Systems Committee of the European Banking Federation.

Office holders

The Office Holders chair the governance bodies and other working groups.

Diederik Bruggink

Cash Efficiency Working Group Chair
Head of Innovation and Payments - European Savings & Retail Banking Group

Gijs Boudewijn

Gijs Boudewijn

Legal Support Group Chair 
General Manager of the Dutch Payments Association

Dag-Inge Flatraaker

Dag-Inge Flatraaker

Mobile Payments Working Group Chair 
Senior Vice President at DNB Bank

Barbara Hadfield

Barbara Hadfield

Dispute Resolution Committee Chair
Retired chartered accountant

Alain Hiltgen

Alain Hiltgen

Payment Security Support Group Chair 
Head of Business Security Advice, Executive Director, UBS AG

Jean-Yves Jacquelin

Jean-Yves Jacquelin

Scheme Management Board Chair

Dr. Christian Kleine

Dr. Christian Kleine

Audit Committee Chair 
Head of Operations Personal & Corporate
UBS Business Solutions AG


Frans van Beers

Scheme Evolution and Maintenance Working Group Chair
Manager Products and Standards at Dutch Payments Association


Thomas von der Gathen

Thomas Von der Gathen

Chair of the Payment Scheme Fraud Prevention Working Group 
General Counsel at PSA Payment Services Austria GmbH

The EPC Staff

Our office is based in Brussels and has 12 team members from seven countries.

Etienne Goosse

Etienne Goosse

Director General of the European Payments Council

Etienne Goosse is the Director General. He has extensive professional experience across different sectors of the payments industry. He started his career with the Belgian central bank. He held executive positions at eurocheque International, Europay International and MasterCard Europe. In his previous assignments, Mr Goosse’s responsibilities included franchise management, legal and regulatory affairs, stakeholder management as well as finance and administration. He also has an extensive track record in managing governance as well as European and public affairs.


Jenny Huang

Business Analyst


Alexis Horvat

Legal Adviser


Dominique Allebroeck

Senior Business Analyst 

Bart Clarebout

Bart Clarebout

Senior Manager, / Schemes


Silvia Di Lillo

Legal Counsel

Photo of Azra Dindo, EPC

Azra Dindo


Christophe Godefroi

Christophe Godefroi

Senior Manager, Standards and New Developments

Olga Mamaeva

Olga Mamaeva

Assistant, Scheme Adherence


Ruta Murnikaite

Communication Manager 

[email protected]   

+32 2 739 16 92


Helene Rasse

Manager, Administration and Finance

Valentin Vlad

Valentin Vlad

Manager, Cards and Security


Marijke De Soete

Marijke De Soete

Senior Consultant 
Mobile Payments and Security