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Evolution of the schemes

The EPC SEPA payment schemes are used to facilitate billions of transactions every year in Europe.

Evolution of the schemes 01

In an increasingly digital world, technology and consumer needs change rapidly. The regularly updates its schemes in order to adapt and remain at the forefront of payments technology.

An open and transparent change-management process

The payment schemes are updated every two years to reflect market needs and evolutions in the technical standards developed by international standards bodies, such as the International Organization for Standardization. This evolution is guided through a transparent change-management process, open to all stakeholders:

Scheme Evolution Process EPC


In line with its commitment to transparency, the publishes its position on each change request after the public consultation comment received during the public consultation, so that all stakeholders know why their change requests propositions were taken forward or set aside.

 scheme evolution calendar

The current call for change requests for the Credit Transfer, Direct Debit Core, Business-to-Business, and Instant Credit Transfer scheme rulebooks is open until 31 December 2017. Any stakeholder interested must use this template to submit their change requests.

Download the template

  • Until 31 December 2017
    Call for change requests
  • Between April and July 2018
    Three month public consultation
  • November 2018
    Publication of the next rulebook (entering into effect one year later)
The EPC SEPA scheme rulebooks versions until 2019
This diagram shows which rulebook version is in effect and when.

Rulebook versions