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SEPA payment scheme management

The primary mission of the EPC is to manage the SEPA payment schemes, which are the rules underlying most of the euro credit transfers and direct debits in Europe.

SEPA payment scheme management 1

A broad range of payment stakeholders are involved in developing the schemes to ensure they keep meeting market needs and technological evolutions.

The offers four payment schemes that make paying across as easy and convenient as it is in one’s home country.

The SEPA Credit Transfer scheme

The SEPA Instant Credit Transfer scheme

The SEPA Direct Debit Core and Business-to-Business schemes

Schemes used by thousands of payment service providers

Schemes used by thousands of payment service providers

The payment schemes are used by over 4,000 payment service providers ( ) in Europe.

Each year, they contribute towards facilitating:

  • In total, over 43 billion euro transactions in .
  • Including more than 21 billion credit transfers.
  • And over 21 billion direct debits.
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Evolution of the schemes

The updates the schemes every two years to reflect market needs and evolutions in technical standards. This evolution is guided through a transparent change-management process that is open to all stakeholders.

Read more about the evolution of the schemes

payment scheme evolution calendar

The scheme evolution process always follows the same path: first, all stakeholders are invited to submit requests for change to the based on the latest rulebooks published. All the change requests received are then subject to a three-month public consultation to ensure they are broadly supported by the payment community. Updated rulebooks, including changes that are technically and legally feasible, are published afterwards.

The first step of the scheme evolution process organised by the ended on 30 June 2021 with the receipt of 2022 change requests. 

The second step is the three-month public consultation from 13 September to 11 December 2021 closing at 17h00 CET. The will then review the collected comments from this consultation. It will consult the stakeholder forums on the outcome of this public consultation and take a decision on each submitted change request in the first quarter of 2022.

The third step consists of the formal preparation and publication of the next version of the payment scheme rulebooks and the related implementation guidelines. This step ends in May 2022.

If you are interested in participating in the evolution of the schemes, links are provided below to each scheme’s public consultation page, where further information is available:

SEPA Credit Transfer scheme

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer scheme

SEPA Direct Debit Core scheme

SEPA Direct Debit Business-to-Business scheme