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SEPA Direct Debit Additional Optional Services

The SEPA Direct Debit schemes (SDD) provide the sets of rules that enable a harmonised application by all participating payment service providers (PSPs) in Europe. PSPs can also provide additional services to meet specific customer needs.

SEPA Direct Debit Additional Optional Services

There are two types of Additional Optional Services (AOS): those proposed by communities of and those offered by individual . In both instances, AOS must neither compromise the schemes’ interoperability nor create barriers to competition. When an AOS becomes increasingly popular among scheme participants, the may consider including it in the schemes in line with the principles governing their evolution.

List of SDD AOS proposed by communities of PSPs

National or pan-European communities of scheme participants can agree on an AOS that meets the needs of customers in specific geographic areas. One such AOS involves the use of additional data elements in the payment messages based on the ISO 20022 standard.

Any AOS must be transparent to all scheme participants and publicly available to these communities.

The publishes the list of and Business-to-Business AOS brought to its attention by the communities in question. The is, however, not responsible for the accuracy and exhaustiveness of this list.

Belgium - Description of AOS applied to SCT and SDD - Structured remittance information 'OGM - VCS'
Greece - Description of AOS applied to SEPA Direct Debit
Italy - Description of SEPA-compliant Electronic Database Alignment (SEDA) AOS - English version of the SEDA Interbank Agreement and the SEDA Implementation Guidelines

AOS as value-added services for individual PSPs

In addition, any is free to propose AOS of its own choice to enrich its services and distinguish itself from its competitors, as long as these AOS respect the schemes. These AOS are in the competitive space and therefore outside the ’s scope.