This document is the result of the work performed by the Joint Task Force (JTF) established in March 2021 between the EPC’s Multistakeholder Group on Mobile Initiated SCT and SCT Inst (MSG MSCT) and the European Cards Stakeholder Group (ECSG) on the subject of selection of the payment instrument at the Point of Interaction (POI) by the consumer, in the context of co-existence of card-based payment solutions with payment solutions based on SCT Inst.

The JTF was established upon request from the Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB), and this document is the follow-up on a first analysis ([1]) of the topic by a JTF between the Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB) working group on instant payments at the POI and the ECSG, delivered and published in November 2020 by the ERPB as an additional document to the main report of that working group. 

The requirements and guidelines included in this document cover the following functional aspects of the selection of payment instruments at both physical and virtual POIs:
•    Configurations of the payment solutions at the POI: payment instruments (card-based and SCT Inst), payment brands, and technical interfaces (chip with contact, NFC, QR-codes, etc.)
•    Defining merchant (POI) and consumer (consumer device) preferences
•    Overriding the merchant preferences by the consumer

The proposed business requirements should be fulfilled by the specifications and standards on the POI domain for SCT Inst, which are under development or will be developed in the market or in the context of an industry cooperation. In addition, the proposed guidelines may help the specifications providers to further address specific needs.

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