EPC Recommendation on ISO 20022 Customer Reporting of SCTs and SDDs

The issues implementation guidelines that are based on the ISO 20022 standard for the customer-to-bank (C2B) space as well as the interbank space. In addition, the also provides recommendations on ISO 20022 bank-to-customer (B2C) account information, which represent the third and final link in the chain (i.e. C2B, interbank and B2C). 

The aim of this document is to present a mapping of the rulebook requirements vis-à-vis the ‘Transaction Details’ message elements of the ISO 20022 reporting messages.

The version from 2013 has been revised to be in line with the latest rulebook versions and hence includes recommendations related to as well as to the extended remittance information (ERI) option (Annex V of the rulebook). 

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