One-Leg Out Instant Credit Transfer Scheme Customer-to-PSP Implementation Guidelines 2023 version 1.0

These implementation guidelines ( ) set out the Euro One Leg Out (EOLO) rules for implementing the Customer-to-Payment Service Provider (C2PSP) ISO 20022 XML message standards based on version 1.1 of the 2023 One-Leg Out Instant Credit Transfer (OCT Inst) rulebook, which enters into force on 28 November 2023 at 08:00 CET.

EOLO XML Schema Definitions (XSDs) related to the aforementioned are also made available (note: XSD files can be opened via a text editor (e.g. Microsoft Notepad) or XML Schema editor).

EOLO XSDs are not developed for ‘production’ purposes, they are to instantiate the business rules and restrictions contained in the in a formal interchange format, sometimes referred to as Technical Validation Subsets (TVSs). Production instantiations should refer to the default ISO 20022 namespaces.

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