SEPA Credit Transfer scheme adherence pack - Extended Remittance Information option

As of the entry into force of the 2019 SEPA  Credit Transfer (SCT) rulebook on 17 November 2019, the SCT scheme contains a new annex V describing the Extended Remittance Information (ERI) option.

This option gives Originators the possibility to transmit per single SCT transaction the following combination of remittance information to the Beneficiary:

  • One occurrence of 140 characters of unstructured remittance information and
  • Up to 999 occurrences of 280 characters of structured remittance information based on the ISO 20022 standard.

The present compressed folder includes the template documents to be completed and signed for adherence to the ERI option of the SCT scheme: 

  • The adherence agreement, which summarises the main information submitted by the applicant and formalises the applicant’s participation.
  • The schedule information document, in which the applicant specifies its contact details and the foreseen reachability date.

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