Template to Propose a Change to the SEPA Credit Transfer or SEPA Direct Debit Rulebooks

The template to submit a change request to the Credit Transfer ( ) or Direct Debit ( ) rulebooks is provided with the 'related files' below. Any person or organisation is invited to submit a change request to the and rulebooks in accordance with the Scheme Management Internal Rules (see 'related links' below).

Stakeholders are invited to submit change requests to the and rulebooks by 31 December 2019. The received change requests are considered with regard to the scheme change management cycle to be held in 2020 for the rulebook versions and associated implementation guidelines to be published in 2020 to take effect in November 2021.

Stakeholders can at all times continue to submit change requests by completing the template and send it by email to change-request.EPC-scheme@epc-cep.eu. These change requests will then be considered in the next scheme change management cycle.

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