Results of the EPC poll on the adoption of cross-border payments solut...

Results of the EPC poll on the adoption of cross-border payments solutions

14 December 23

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Over the past two months, the European Payments Council (EPC) invited payments industry professionals to answer the following question: “In your opinion, which type of approach in international cross-border payments will see the largest growth in adoption over the coming 10 years"

The results of the poll were as follows:

The image displays the results of the poll in donut chart form.

The results of the poll show one clear leading answer. Over half of all votes (53%) were cast in favour of scheme-based solutions as the approach seeing most growth in adoption over the next ten years. The EPC OCT Inst scheme launched in November 2023 is an example of scheme-based solutions for international cross-border payments. 

The other two top answers among voters were bilateral or multilateral interlinking arrangements (20%) and peer-to-peer platforms (17%). Correspondent banking (4%), closed-loop solutions (3%) and other (2%) solutions all received a similar, relatively small number of votes. 

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