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Toolkit for new SEPA Payment Account Access (SPAA) scheme participants

The following infographic guides you through the main steps to becoming a SPAA Scheme participant:


SPAA adherence

Adherence documents to complete and sign

The following three template documents must be completed and signed by the applicant wishing to adhere:

  • The adherence agreement, which summarises the main information submitted by the applicant and formalises the applicant’s participation.
  • The schedule information document, in which the applicant specifies its contact details, foreseen reachability date and details for invoicing.
  • The legal opinion, signed by a legal counsel internal or external to the applicant. There are two templates, one ‘standard’ and one for licensed branches of non-SEPA country institutions.

Please note that for the successful consideration of your application, additional information and documents may be required (for example regarding the applicant’s reachability). 

SEPA Payment Account Access (SPAA) scheme adherence documents

The adherence pack can be sent either via:

  • The PSP’s National Adherence Support Organisation (NASO – usually the national banking association). This document provides the name and contact address of each NASO in SEPA.
  • Or directly to the EPC.
Resources to consider prior to SPAA scheme adherence

Interested applicants are invited to familiarise themselves with the SPAA scheme and related documents, which are available from the links below:

SEPA Payment Account Access (SPAA) Scheme General Information 

SEPA Payment Account Access (SPAA) Scheme Rulebook

SEPA Payment Account Access (SPAA) Scheme Default Fees

2024 Calendar Register of Participants Publication Dates

Asset Holders wishing to adhere to the SPAA Scheme are invited to consult Sections 4.2, 4.3 and Annex 3 of the SPAA scheme rulebook to assess under which category they will adhere to the scheme, and which minimum viable product (MVP) they commit to offer accordingly.

For more information, please contact the EPC.