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SEPA Request-to-Pay Referenced Technical Solution Providers (RTSP)

The Request-to-Pay ( ) scheme is infrastructure agnostic. Each participant is free to arrange the way the messages are exchanged with other scheme participants and may use technical solution providers (TSPs), acting as a gateway, to send/receive messages in accordance with the rules of the scheme.

A TSP does not necessarily need to undergo the homologation, but if it does successfully, it becomes a 'Referenced Technical Solution Provider' (RTSP) and its clients will be eligible for a simplified homologation.
The homologation process is outsourced by the to a third party, the homologation body. The Board, following a request of proposal has formally selected the Sopra Steria Group as the homologation body for the Scheme.

The TSP wishing to be homologated are invited to announce their compliance with the scheme by filling out this disclosure letter and then contacting directly the SRTP homologation body

There are eighteen homologation requirements applicable for the TSPs

List of Referenced Technical Solution Providers

The below list includes all the TSPs that are self-declared compliant with the scheme and have been successfully homologated by the homologation body.



TSP self-declared compliant with the scheme   

RTSP homologated by the Homologation Body  

Iberpay Iberpay check  


Disclosure of Intent to be an SRTP Scheme-compliant Technical Solution Provider

Technical Solution Providers are invited to disclose their intent to become an scheme compliant TSP.

This letter serves as a model letter to be completed on an organisation's own stationary prior to signing and sending it to the .

A list of scheme-compliant Technical Solution Providers is published on this page. 

Disclosure letter


SRTP scheme homologation requirements for the Technical Solution Providers

Any TSP may at its discretion undergo the homologation.

The eighteen homologation requirements applicable the TSPs can be consulted in the below document.  

For more information, the SRTP Homologation Body should be contacted directly.

TSP Homologation Requirements