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Non-euro currencies banknotes

The EPC publishes information on technical specifications related to non-euro currencies banknotes to help interested parties ascertain whether these are still in circulation and can be accepted in payment.


* European Payments Council accepts no responsibility or liability arising from access to, or for the material on, any site to which it is linked, nor does the presence of links to other sites imply any endorsement by European Payments Council of these sites, their contents or their privacy practices.

The EPC aims to contribute to safe, reliable, efficient, economically balanced and sustainable, convenient payments supporting an integrated European economy also by providing information about a selection of non-euro banknotes in circulation.

The EPC addresses all interested parties, notably the PSPs community to help avoid employees accepting at their counters banknotes that are no longer in circulation, particularly in touristic areas in order to decrease losses and potentially fraud. It may also help merchants and travellers to recognise the validity of such foreign banknotes when receiving them.

Currency EU Member States

Czech flagCzech Republic - Czech Koruna-CZK

Denish flagDenmark - Danish & Faroese Krone

Hungarian flagHungary - Hungarian Forint-HUF

PLPoland - Polish zloty- PLN

Romanian flagRomania - Romanian LEU-RON

Swedish flagSweden - Swedish Krona-SEK

Currency non-EU Countries

AustraliaAustralia- Australian dollar-AUD

Japan flagJapan - Japanese Yen-JPY

NZNew Zeeland - New Zealand dollar NZD

Norway flagNorway - Norvegian krone-NOK

SingaporeSingapore - Singapore dollar (SGD)

Swiss flagSwitzerland - Swiss Franc-CHF

USA falgUSA - United States Dollar-USD

CanadaCanada - Canadian Dollar-CAD

Uk's flag United Kingdom (Bank of England) - Pound Sterling-GBP

UkraineUkraine - Ukrainian Hryvnia-UAH