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SEPA Direct Debit B2B rulebook and implementation guidelines

The SEPA Direct Debit Business-to-Business (SDD B2B) scheme is an optional scheme, offered exclusively to business payers.

SEPA Direct Debit B2B rulebook

The scheme gives both the billers and the business payers efficiency gains thanks to the automation of payment processing, and an improved liquidity, as the bills are automatically paid when they are due.

Scheme participants can find on this page the rulebooks, the Implementation Guidelines ( ), and other relevant documents to implement the scheme in their systems.

SDD B2B rulebook currently in effect

The rulebook currently in effect until 21 November 2021 is the 2019 rulebook version 1.0.

Read more about the 2019 SDD B2B rulebook version 1.0   

The Implementation Guidelines are based on the 2009 version of ISO 20022.

Read more about SDD B2B scheme Customer-to-Bank IGs 2019 version 1.0

Read more about SDD B2B scheme Interbank IGs 2019 version 1.0

Read more about SDD B2B scheme e-Mandate service IGs 2019 version 1.0

Do you want to use the EPC’s Intellectual Property Rights related to its SEPA payment schemes’ rulebooks and implementation guidelines for non-euro transactions? Click here for more information.

Main changes introduced in the 2019 SDD B2B rulebook

The 2019 rulebook contains a clarification about which scheme participants must comply with the mandatory Customer-to-Bank (C2B) of the rulebook. It further includes additional r-transaction reason codes related to clearing and settlement-specific issues.

An collection containing an IBAN but not the related BIC, can be transmitted by the Creditor to the Creditor Bank, even if one of the two scheme participants covered by that transaction is based in a non- country.

Annex III of the 2019 rulebook contains a table listing all changes made compared to the 2017 rulebook version 1.2.