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SEPA Instant Credit Transfer options

The SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) rulebook provides SCT Inst scheme participants with some specific SCT Inst scheme options.

Firstly, Inst scheme participants can allow their customers to submit and/or receive a Inst transaction for an amount higher than the default scheme maximum amount (currently at 15.000 EUR; 100,000 EUR as of 1 July 2020).

The second option is that Inst scheme participants can formally commit to their respective customers to process a Inst transaction faster than the default ten seconds defined by the scheme.

The third option allowed as of 17 November 2019 is that Inst scheme participants can agree to apply a shorter hard time-out deadline.

A Inst scheme participant must have an agreement with other individual Inst scheme participants or with communities of Inst scheme participants (for example, at the level of a country) before it can support any Inst option.

Information about Inst scheme participants that support one of the Inst options and their concrete characteristics are available on the external webpages mentioned below. The  is however not responsible for the accuracy and exhaustiveness of this list.

Higher maximum amount per Inst transaction

Netherlands: general information and NL standard specifications  

Shorter maximum execution time

Netherlands: general information and NL standard specifications 

Shorter hard time-out deadline 

No declaration of this option use so far.