Request-to-Pay: specifications for a standardisation framework

The Request-to-Pay Multi-Stakeholder Group (RTP ), created and coordinated by the in response to an invitation from the Euro Retail Payments Board ( ) (Terms of Reference RTP),  has delivered its analysis on the Request-to-Pay functionality and proposed a way forward including the creation of an RTP scheme.

The document containing this outcome takes the form of “specifications for a standardisation framework” and is now published by the . It is a guidance document supporting further work on an RTP scheme.

The approach was to start from use case examples from the real world, analyse them to find generic classification criteria and functions, and agree on a set of basic RTP functions to be covered as a first priority, and functions for further enhancement. A deeper analysis focused on technical elements, standards, and environments for exchanging RTPs between various types of actors, with attention to interoperability aspects. 

The recommendations for the next steps include:
-    Creation of an RTP scheme, covering the basic RTP functions, and supporting interoperability between various operating models and types of providers. 
-    Ensuring compatibility of Credit Transfer payment schemes ( and ) with the RTP scheme, including Change Requests to these schemes if needed
-    Development of guidelines for RTP at proximity and remote Points-of-Interaction (POI)

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