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Toolkit for new SEPA Request-to-pay (SRTP) scheme participants

The following infographic will guide you through the main steps to become a SEPA Request-to-pay (SRTP) scheme participant: 




Participation to the SEPA Request-to-pay scheme does not require EPC membership, neither it requires to be a licensed PSP. Merchants and enterprises may consider becoming SRTP members. The first step in adhering to the SEPA Request-to-pay scheme is to download the Guide to the SRTP adherence process here below.

Read more about the SEPA Request-to-pay scheme adherence process

SEPA Request-to-pay scheme adherence pack

About the SRTP homologation

As detailed in the Trust and Security Framework (TSF), Annex I of the SRTP rulebook, in order to ensure that all participants to the SRTP scheme have the required technical, operational, security and business continuity capabilities to exchange RTP messages as described in the SRTP scheme rulebook and the SRTP Implementation Guidelines, all applicants to the SRTP scheme have to undergo the SRTP homologation process.


As stated in the SRTP scheme rulebook, since 30 November 2023 the SRTP service providers must be able to exchange SRTP messages based on API (Application Programming Interface). In order to ensure full reachability between SRTP scheme participants, they need to expose APIs and have the capability to access the API of other SRTP scheme participants.