Default SRTP related API Specifications

These European Payments Council (EPC) default Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Request-to Pay (SRTP) Application Programming Interface (API) Specifications set out the rules for implementing SRTP related APIs based on version 3.1 of the SRTP scheme rulebook, which will become effective on 30 November 2023.

These specifications cover SRTP related messages in the inter-SRTP service provider space only (in both directions).

An overview of the SRTP functional messages based on the process steps and datasets as described in the rulebook can be found in the ‘SRTP related API Specifications - Preliminary Information’ document.

The use of APIs for the exchanges between SRTP service providers will be mandatory as of 30 November 2023. However, the SRTP scheme participants that wish so, are free to already use their APIs now (based on market API or on these default EPC API).

Any comments in relation with these EPC default SRTP related API specifications can be shared by email to [email protected]

EPC133-22 v3.1 - SRTP Scheme Rulebook V3.1 related API Specifications

EPC134-22 v3.1 - SRTP Scheme Rulebook V3.1 related API Specification_redoc-static

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