SDD Core Mandate Translations

The Direct Debit ( ) mandate texts have been translated into community languages and the translations have been subjected to local legal checks.  Each banking community has also taken the decision on which language(s) are to be used.

For each language there is a document  showing  the mandate line number, the English text and the translated text.  The translations may be downloaded from the table below.

The objective is to ensure that only approved texts are used from one authorized source, thereby ensuring an appropriate level of clarity and certainty.




Austria see German    
Belgium Dutch French German
Bulgaria Bulgarian    
Croatia Croatia    
Czech Republic Czech    
Cyprus see Greek see English  
Denmark Danish    
Estonia Estonian    
Finland Finnish Swedish  
France French    
Germany German    
Greece Greek    
Hungary Hungarian    
Ireland see English    
Italy Italian    
Latvia Latvian    
Liechtenstein see German    
Lithuania Lithuanian    
Luxembourg see French see German  
Malta Maltese    
Monaco see French    
Netherlands Dutch    
Norway Norwegian    
Poland Polish    
Portugal Portuguese    
Romania Romanian    
Slovakia Slovakian    
Slovenia Slovenian    
Spain Spanish    
Spain Basque Catalan Galician
Sweden Swedish    
Switzerland see French German see Italian
UK English